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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good looks from;


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A beat Kanye West made for J-Dilla, but never heard himself (whatever that means) is creating such a brouhaha today. I think it's a banging beat, but certainly not his best. Banging, all the same. It's not being received with mixed reviews at all, most people like it. However, one commenter on (L.Gunslinger, 6th comment) has the following to say:

J-Dilla was heavily over-rated. He had a few good beats, but most of his beats were just rushed 2 bear loops...That is why Dilla wasn’t rich when he died.
The track, which I remind you is banging, and a good starting point for the tracks history is available for listening here.

Secondary to the track's broululz, discussions about J-Dilla's competency in general are taking place here & here.


Gay rappers? C'mon...'s Byron Crawford speculates about what & who could be the male homosexual sequel to Superhead's outing.


Monday, April 28, 2008

In MTV's multi-artist article (scroll down about 1/2 way)Lloyd Banks reinforces his loyalty in discussing his role in G-Unit.


Looking for Eminem on Crank Yankers video (calling to get tattoo for his daughter)?


Jewelmoney asks, at's forum, "Does Detroit stand behind their artist[s]?" A 3 day discussion between artists & fans covering everything from the specific topic to ways performers can enhance their visibility.

jewelmoney:"...( a concert for Detroit Music Artists ) HAS THIS MUTHAFUCKA FROM ATLANTA NAME DOLLA PERFORMING....... WHAT THE FUCK......
We have a rapper name DOLLAH right here in Detroit."

DJ Muthafuckin Babe:"Rabs said some real shit, for reals for real...
But Rabs I have one comment to make - in Detroit not too many, if no artist ever have merch to sell at shows."


RZA is getting chess website launched soon. I just registered. Rza's goal is to get Hip Hoppers to "think first before you move" in chess & in life. The website hasn't launched yet, but is expected in a few weeks. The first 500 registered get a "The Founders" special rank.

Another Rza project:

original story at

Rza in studio jamming with new cut:


Jay Z & the Minister Louis Farrakhan look alike. They have more in common too! I've met both men & they both were wearing the baddest pair of gators I've ever seen. Judge for yourself:

Jay Z


Jay Z's diss against Deshawn Stevenson is unimpressive. A beef between Jay Z and Soulja Boy? C'mon, Soulja isn't even a rapper.

Jay Z
-Playoff Freestyle (Blow the Whistle)

hat tip to 8081


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Southern rappers Trill, G-Money, and Lil’ Half Ounce get some visibilty working with Hip Hop and Books literacy campaign.

The following audio ad from Hip Hop and's mission statement page:

Hip Hop and Books has a blog.

UPDATE (April 26):On Fri. May 2, 2008,(9:00 p.m.) the Hip Hop and Books rally is at the Zoo Bar, Downtown Detroit. more info...


I got my first listen to D-12s track Biggest G (hat tip to commenter D-12Lover on The Eminem Blog):
-The Biggest G

I'm not feeling anything about it, except the (sorta) chopped "I'm the Biggest G..." part in the hook. They'll get the benefit of doubt from me though, since it sounds like the ole for-radio-first-track-release routine.

I really don't care enough to look into it further, but, commenters on Hip HopDX somewhat agree with me, though in more harsh tones.


I thought 'Bombs Over Baghdad' got dropped by some ATLiens, but the following video wasn't dropped by Outcast. I'll presume it's a Philly (pre-written) freestyle battle (open to correction about the city, but not about the 'pre-written' part). As noted in the comments at the youtube channel, these are hardly freestyles. People think acapella rhymes are freestyles. C'mon...
Still, one of these fellas got killed. Bad.

The kid Reed Dollaz kept up with gun antics. Here's a pun for you--I misread him. I thought, 'oh boy, this kid is gonna get beat up'. After all, look, or 'remember' what happens when you brag about your guns in a (real?) freestyle?

Still, Reed Dollaz, something like a big deal.
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Speaking on Eminem:

Britain's Sun tabloid says Detroit rap star Eminem has confirmed his appearance at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party in London's Hyde Park on June 27." It turns out he was only contacted about the event.

An acquaintance of mine, from years ago in the OMFG!!! EPMD IS THE SHIT!!! era often would promote local events, and though he was successful, his promos often included SPECIAL *INVITED* GUESTS: sO & sO! Well, you can invite God to the show, you know, but he might not come.

Same article reports Eminem & Will Smith could release material at the same time. Maybe we'll get some Kanye/50 cent vibe going. Well, not quite. It's less like Kanye/50 cent & more like Eminem/someone who makes blockbuster-ass movies, who doesn't make good records anymore, who will probably do better release his material around the time Artest does.


If you ain't getting no money take yo' broke ass home! (i'll stay home) If you know how tight Imac's "In The D" track is (I know-that's why I permanently featured it here on Detroit Rap Blog 1.0) take yo' Detroit Rap loving ass to Ha$h's myspace.

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Some thoughts out of Topeka about Eminem & discussion: "What are your Top 5 rappers"?
The Question:

"Anyway, since we're in Detroit, I decided to ask some KU players about Eminem, the Detroit rapper who hasn't generated a good album since 2003's "The Eminem Show."
One of the answers:
"Yeah, but I think he fell off a lot,"...
Despite the 'Em fell off' sentiment (an understandable one)Eminem does show up on everybody's Top 5 list of greatest rappers. At least on that point Isa & I agree with them.


Friday, April 25, 2008

artist: The Balla Obama,
track: What I Gotta Do?


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot beats for free! At L Boogz productions website. Some for free, some so much.

Beats are cheap to help you make it to the top and not break you while your on your way to the top. Non Exclusive beats are $10.00 and you can pick your first Non Exclusive beat for "FREE" for trying out Diino. You can also get a free beats just for joining the mailing list.

Here's a sample track & I can't wait to hear it with lyrics.


Marv-O's "Iron Mic" Freestyle Battle (I did it!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I couldn't think of a worst way to kick off the blog again!


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