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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I thought 'Bombs Over Baghdad' got dropped by some ATLiens, but the following video wasn't dropped by Outcast. I'll presume it's a Philly (pre-written) freestyle battle (open to correction about the city, but not about the 'pre-written' part). As noted in the comments at the youtube channel, these are hardly freestyles. People think acapella rhymes are freestyles. C'mon...
Still, one of these fellas got killed. Bad.

The kid Reed Dollaz kept up with gun antics. Here's a pun for you--I misread him. I thought, 'oh boy, this kid is gonna get beat up'. After all, look, or 'remember' what happens when you brag about your guns in a (real?) freestyle?

Still, Reed Dollaz, something like a big deal.
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